Bienven– er, I mean, hello there.

I suppose it’s about time something of this sort was to occur. You know, write a blog. Start a blog. Speak through a blog.

It just seems so… blase. Grrr.

But I digress and put my unwillingness to communicate with the world aside (for now) to bring about this blog. I hope through it the millions of swirling thoughts about fashion, culture, food, art, and my emerging endeavors can find growth.

If you care to leave a comment, please do. I find that requesting feedback on writing my thoughts would be counter-intuitive. It’s almost as though I am begging for audience participation, no? Hell, the audience can sit back and laugh. It doesn’t matter.

I will also be uploading components of my art portfolio (which will finally find progress this year, I hope), my Etsy shop (another work-in-progress), as well as fashion finds and looks on a struggling-student’s budget. I might be tempted to also put recipes from my baking ventures here as well, but we shall see. Maybe if you’re good.

Ciao for the night… well, morning.




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