The store is open, please come on in…

…figuratively, anyways. There is no actual, physical door (and if you believed there was for a second, I question the level of intelligence of the audience reading this).  Nonetheless, I have my first 10 items up for your perusing pleasure at my Etsy site.

My philosophy on jewelry is not entirely like most people’s. I’m picky. As in “let me find all the flaws in this necklace” picky. As in “hell I can make this so why pay for it” picky. Ok, I’m going to stop saying picky and go with discerning. That’s much better.

Back on track — my understanding for jewelry is that it can only play one role at a time. The accessory can be the center of attention or a supporting actor. Either way, the jewelry has to serve a purpose of some kind, not just make an appearance for the sake of it. Anything and everything I create (and this can apply to my artwork as well) is inspired by books, movies, media, music, and even the focal point of the jewelry itself. For instance, I’ll come across a pair of earrings that, well might be on trend, but honestly… they’ll look SO MUCH BETTER as something else. So I turn them into a bracelet and build around that singular piece.

The first collection I’ve launched is the “Words to Life” Collection — essentially, I’ve been inspired by characters from various books throughout my life and I can see the character wearing the piece created. I try to draw from traits focused upon in the book, or even the modern interpretation of the character; in any case, I think of the character and pull the colors and motifs from the pages to put them into the pieces.

m!spunktuation -- accept the flaws you see.

The name m!spunktuation came about when I first began to take the baby steps necessary to make the Etsy site into something more real than a pipe dream. Its obvious that I’m a ‘rocker,’ I don’t do pink, and I don’t exactly like to color inside the lines. I do it, but I don’t like it. When it came down to it, I wanted the shop’s name to reflect the lack of conventionality of the pieces, whether through the note of “punk” in the name itself or its inherent definition to mean incorrect punctuation. Bah, take that period! Screw you, semi-colon!

The beads are there to give a clue (or two) to the view that the shop will consist of handmade jewelry and accessories (and artwork when I start getting the time to create new stuff). The overlay of the name against the somewhat organized beads scheme is more reflective of my aim than I had initially thought. Even the discoloration is pretty perfect — the earth-tones keep the shop and my pieces from coming across as pretentious (which they’re not) or high-class (again, nope).

You won’t find things that are deemed ‘trendy’ — as in one day you’re in, the next day you’re rotting in a box somewhere. I want to create pieces which are timeless, and can even be heirlooms for those who do purchase them. If in 30 or 40 years I come across a random person wearing a necklace I created, that will be enough for me to think I was able to share my love for that particular character or book with another person.

So… a dream which has spent years in my head has finally been unleashed to mankind. Let’s see how this goes.

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