Super Bowl. Super Par-tay?

Our second annual Super Bowl party was tonight — oddly enough, we finally managed to unpack the boxes in the living room and CLEAN (I mean, majorly with Clorox and everything) the apartment. Sad when it takes people coming over to motivate me to get everything out of the boxes. Nonetheless, we cooked. We cleaned. We welcomed friends and family into the new place. Oh vey, football.

blue and white, go team go!

Of course, with the addition of the burgers and sweet potato fries and wings and brownies and jalapeno poppers, the cupcakes made and appearance. White cake + strawberry compote + blue vanilla icing. I topped the blue icing with white chocolate since I kinda-sorta-had to. The intent in a perfect world was to have the white chocolate melted then drizzled over the icing/top of the cupcake. Ran out of time, still had to get dressed, then finish arranging the fries and food. ARGH. TIME. COME BACK.


Everyone sat huddled around the tv, plates in laps, eagerly awaiting the all-too-infamous SUPA BOWL HALF TIME SHOW. You know, the one that has been nothing but disappointment for the past few years (what with questionable acoustics and awkwardness in the lackluster performances). Madonna, the original Queen of Shock and GaGa-before-GaGa, she-who-only-needs-one-name. With her super sharp cut arm muscles and a face that has aged little thanks to her veil of make-up, as well as her notoriety for Kabbalah-conversions, I only thought she would *attempt* to put on a performance. Well, she certainly made-up for the garbage of Super Bowl 2011, and thanks to musical magic! she lip-synched through the pre-recorded songs. Obviously, she had to just go one step further with Cee-Lo, Nicki Minaj, and MIA making appearances. That made for an awkward situation. :/

No matter the level of awkwardness, though, cupcakes always make things better.

before. notice the bald state of the cupcake.

after the blue-hair surgery. delicious and worth the blue teeth.

I have been feeling more inspired as of late, but the mass jumble of information rattling around my head plugs any chance of the inspiration turning INTO something. So frustrating. At least Poe-inspired pieces are happening in my head… just a matter of time until they’re out. None of that ‘Tell-Tale Heart’ business, though. I don’t understand the incessant need to limit oneself to the more ‘popular’ works of an author and completed forego seeking out the range of the author’s work.

I’ll be doing a mixture of both the short stories from Poe as well as pieces inspired by his poetry. The man was a genius; its only rightfully necessary that his words be given some freedom into this world.

Night all.



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