Flat line necklace [DIY inspired]

I stumbled upon a fellow DIY-er and fashion blogger Jenni of ispydiy a few weeks ago (its funny what you manage to find at 4am) — her combination of modern fashion sense and actual REALISTIC capability of re-creation by anyone is rather refreshing.¬†Hallelujah!

Many of the DIY-ers I’ve come across are inspired and rather ambitious, but that’s precisely the issue — just because an artistic and already-practiced individual attempts to share their talent and the instructions for creation with the average Jane, it sets an unrealistic expectation for the audience member that their bib necklace/friendship bracelet/neon clutch will turn out EXACTLY as the blogger’s. With Jenni, the projects are both innovative AND draw multiple elements from various trends. The end product, however, is anything but “trendy” — they become staples to add to any wardrobe.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Her post on the Heartbeat Necklace led me to begin thinking of drawing from my biology background to create wire elements incorporating simplistic layering pieces that are also one-of-a-kind. It also helped that I was listening to Evanescence at the time when the pliers and wire came out. Their single “My Heart is Broken” utilizes similar linear elements to create and tell a story by Amy Lee’s character, not very different from the beating of a heart. I’m thinking of traveling from the lack of a consistent heart beat to this Flat line to neurological pulses…

Night all.


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