sartorial reality — define ‘budget’

I can understand that some areas of the United States, whether in rural or urbanized areas, have been less affected by the downturn in the economy than others. In fact, there are pockets of the country where employment is plentiful, home-owners are not having to choose between groceries and rent, and spending $1500 on a this-season bag is perfectly acceptable.

scarlet Wwwf21 blazer — don’t think twice at $24.80.

Chloe offers a rusty blazer at $1250 — still out of reach at 50% off.

Disclaimer: I have NOTHING against bloggers or those working on the helm of the fashion industry and willing to spend larger amounts on clothes and accessories. In fact, it is their viewpoint that allows the rest of us *some* access into the world of fashion that is kept all too much for the select few. This post is targeted for the rest of us normal folks.

This post arrives at the heels of yet, another blog article claiming to be ‘budget friendly.’ I wish I could say I’m beginning to become frustrated with the false sense of an article and the elements within being friendly to my bank account; however, the frustration has led to lone adventures on the internet in search of a clothing and accessories that are actually my taste and won’t lead to Ramen-filled nights.

I think part of my mentality is due to the fact that, perhaps unlike others in the mid-20’s, my full-time soul-less office job not only supports me, but also allows me to support my parents. Due to the reliance of others upon me, I cannot even fathom spending my paycheck on a Celine bag or Dannijo necklace. Forever21 and JCPenny are permanent parts of my work wardrobe, with dashes of Akira Chicago thrown in there when they happen to have a sale.

Granted, I may not be fashion-obsessed, but hell YEAH I do appreciate a studded platform bootie or hi-lo blouse. Perhaps that is the difference between allowing oneself to splurge on luxury brands on a regular basis rather than seeking out items in a much different pricing bracket. This isn’t “Extreme Couponing: Fashion Edition”; instead, I want to find a way to build a community that is truly for the budget-conscious fashion-minded woman.

Does this type of community exist? Are there other women out there who feel that paying the equivalent of a month’s rent in shoes is acceptable on a regular basis? I want to emphasize the “regular” basis angle of this argument — I am not referring to saving up for a designer or luxury piece. In fact, there are bloggers who choose to splurge on such high-end items as Louboutains or Celines. If I had the ability to put aside a few hundred dollars for shoes I fell head over heels for (haha), this would be understandable.

But what to do when a work event is coming up? Or where to find a statement necklace for a job interview?

This become especially troublesome when you’re in your mid-2o’s and up — shopping at F21 and Charlotte Russe is almost embarrassing, if not mortifying since everything is now teeny-tiny and made for clubbing. A simple top at EXPRESS or even JCPenny is $30 and change.

As with any niche quandry, I guess the best road to take here would be to take whatever I can find, whether in terms of sales or adult-appropriate attire, and post it for the world to see. Perhaps it will lead to more notable bloggers and insiders to reconsider their usage of the term “budget friendly.”

Night all.


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