the good ship workshop. its a bit chaotic.

A few glimpses into the workshop behind m!spunktuation.

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All I can say is that inspiration strikes when it wants — it doesn’t call, it doesn’t text, and it sure as hell doesn’t let you sleep.

After the first collection was launched in January of this year, I immediately started sketching for the next set of pieces. I think, like any other creative medium, there is an evolution of sorts which occurs and leads to the many ‘a-ha!’ moments. I initially thought that I could box myself into different themes and solely devote myself to designing and creating jewels for ONLY that particular theme. Instead of becoming inspired to create a full line of pieces, tangents would appear and refuse to sink to the background. So, I would create another piece separate from my intended collection and put it away… until there were suddenly more sketches and bracelets and necklaces that weren’t part of the first collection than otherwise. ARGH, frustration wasn’t quite the word to describe my mental state.

I think perhaps the realization that something like this — a new venture like m!spunktuation — requires greater patience and experimentation than just an outlet I’m used to. If I was asked to whip up 12 paintings on the social commentary of “Toddlers & Tiaras” over 2 nights, it wouldn’t be a problem at all. But restraining myself when creating pieces of jewelry and placing restrictions on what may come is much more difficult than I had imagined. I had to open the walls and let greater light in.

I’m starting to reorganize the shop to better accommodate the ADHD in my head and sketchbook — moving the different lines to be categorized by type of jewelry for now. Once I have approximately 15 pieces in each category, I’ll rearrange them to fit into the specific line-inspired stories, whether drawn from the pages of mythology or legend.

Night all.


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