a new skin in a tube — Garnier BB Cream [product review]

**Disclaimer: Products reviewed were purchased by me, all opinions expressed are mine.**

With the changing of seasons, hairstyles, fashion, and even make up colors, there’s a LOT for consumers to have to catch up on. What’s popular one day in the Western Hemisphere may be an obsession of the past in the Eastern. As such, it appears evident that we in the U.S. are a bit behind the time. ENTER the BB CREAM!

[Yes, it’s highly accurate for the type of product to be in ALL CAPS. Why? Because this stuff is JUST. THAT. GOOD. Read on.]

For anyone who knows me, I have had… issues… with my skin. Namely, the irritating hair follicles who refuse to go away are the ‘issues,’ in addition to the normal stuff like acne and scarring. My skin problems are related to my hesitation and expectations for this product, for when a box promises to do five whole things to my face with 1 product, any reasonable person will be likely to say “HA!” and put the box down on the shelf.

My skin is mixed in the sense that it tends to be dry in the summer and tight-as-Sahara dry in the winter (and that’s with the humidity here). I moisturize and take better care of my skin than most things, including washing it with cleansers made for dry skin, staying away from alcohol, and drinking more than 10 glasses of water every day. YEAH, it’s crazy. However, I would always break out at the most random times – a pimple on my right cheek bone and one on the left underneath my eye. They would grow to such blistering, pulsating, oozing heights that no matter what I did to help with the healing process, I would be left with scarring that was visible even with the most ‘full coverage’ concealers.

the miracle ‘perfector’ itself.

BB Creams provide five parts of relief:


•Evens skin tone

•Renews ‘radiance’

•Brightens complexion

•Protects from the sun with SPF 15

That’s A LOT for one little tube to tackle, so I spent time reading about the research behind BB Creams. User reviews on Sephora.com, Ulta.com, and Totalbeauty.com were about 70% positive, so I picked up a bottle (+ coupon, might as well save a buck or two).

First things first, the formula is more liquid than expected. It’s definitely not a creamy texture, and slightly more watery than liquid foundation. My skin is Indian, so tanned but with yellow undertones thanks to lack of red blood cells. I had pumped some moisturizer onto the back of my hand, so I also pumped a 1:1 ratio of the BB cream.

The smell: there is a tinge of a sunscreen-like smell, but it dissipates quickly and after putting it on for the fourth day in a row, I no longer noticed it.

The texture: smooth, watery, blends in evenly with moisturizer. NOT greasy at all.

For someone with dry skin, this is perfect due to it not FEELING greasy; that usually is a problem in products made for dry skin.

the subtle visual difference


Immediately, my skin looked even and bright. I guess I looked “glowing” as several people remarked at work that I looked so much happier. [Odd thing to say to someone.]

7 days into using this cream, I had not even TOUCHED my foundation (which I would wear every other day to cover up scars and facial hair). Combining my skin issues with the Houston 100 degree heat would cause everything on my face to slide off within the first hour. Now, that is no longer an issue.

My skin’s condition has also improved – the powders I used for setting the foundation usually would fall into cracks and settle into lines. With the BB Cream, it’s a non-issue. I also don’t feel like I’m wearing a mask of make-up; instead, my skin feels like and looks like my skin.

Granted, I still use concealer, but it’s a much smaller amount and less frequently. Additionally, I have also tried tinted moisturizers and learned that A)they are not made for medium tan skin and B)they don’t actually moisturize. Not a problem with the Garnier BB Cream.

Last words: For a tube claiming to be a “miracle skin perfector,” it comes pretty damn close. This is a RAVE.

If you use BB Creams, how do your results compare?


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