emotive lines in light — derek hess [inspiration alley]

If I can’t find the time to visit my own sketching book or paints, I try to make sure I’m never too far from another artist’s work. This week is Derek Hess’ turn.

Hess has been one of my absolute favorites for years — and from my list of tattoos, his work “hemorrage” will be my second one. While the inking of my skin is in progress, what better way to share my fondness for his sketchy lines and bursts of red than here?

Its interesting that so many visual artists (myself included) feel the need to place parameters upon their work — stick to this theme or that idea, use this palette or those tones. Agreed, it works here, but it doesn’t feel… forced. Even with such limitations in black/white/red palette, the images are organic and have come from some deeply rooted emotion(s), ones which can solely be expressed through the bodies leaking their life force.

While he does include more artistically complex works in mixed media, the ones which have always stood out to me most are the black/white/red ink sketches. The figures may or may not be detailed, the red stains may or may not have an explanation or origin, but nonetheless, the images are always striking.

His works (for purchase) can be found here: http://derekhess.com/

Want this jaw-dropping, mind-blowing awesomeness on clothing? Go HERE… http://www.strhess.com/index.cfm

guess what will be dripping down my skin?

Night all.


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