[the DIY Files] Andromeda galaxy sky mani.

My nail designs, er, manis, are not all flash and sparkle. The problem with working in an office environment are the limitations placed on your appearance and attire. These manicure designs are meant to be both corporate-appropriate AND something to talk about. Enjoy!

My somewhat stifled obsession of astronomy and the mythological manifestations of the night skies can be satisfied with some s’mores while star-gazing (at least that’s what I have to convince myself with). This year, it appears that even designers have felt the pull of the night sky, in particular Christopher Kane and his cosmos collection.

It includes a variety of dresses and $400 t-shirts, leading the trend then diluting onto legging, shirts, and practically any surface where you could bring the print of the galaxy to life:

photo of the Andromeda galaxy (left) and it captured on my nail (right).

And the color families aren’t limited to just the vivid blues and purples seen above…

Of course, I chose to stick to the color families from Andromeda — named after a tragic tale from the Greek myths of a woman who is sacrificed to the ocean but saved by Poseidon from certain death. The basic concept behind this manicure is to layer, layer, layer! No special tools or taping required.

Your supplies for these out-of-this-world nails:

  • A Navy blue/Midnight blue nail polish (Sally Hansen Salon Navy Baby)
  • An iridescent grey/pink toned polish (the PERFECT shade — OPI’s Not Like the Movies)
  • A lavender/silver glitter polish (ULTA’s Indigo-Go Girl)
  • A shimmer teal or blue-green polish (Sephora’s Who Let the Dorks Out?)
  • A pinky fuchsia color (PURE ICE’s No Means No)
  • and either an opaque white OR a large silver glitter polish (Essie’s Set in Stones)
  • Base coat
  • Top Coat (Essie’s No Chips Ahead)

Being the time-constrained person I am, sometimes a few layers of color are just what I need. Even better if it looks like Andromeda on my nails, haha.

1. Start with painting on the clear base coat. You’re using a Navy, which will most likely stain your nails. I think it presents a better contrast against the layers of color than a black base would. It will also make the impact of the other colors stand out that much better.

2. Once the polish is dried, take the iridescent grey polish and place random curves on the nail bed. It can be a half zig-zag, or a slanted line, or even a back-and-forth motion that concentrates the color in one part of the nail. Do NOT paint over the entire nail bed.

3. Once dried, take the teal polish and fuchsia polish and unscrew the lids. This is so you can do a small stroke of each color on each nail, one after the other. You want the polish to be wet enough to melt together to really capture the effect. You can overlap the colors with one stroke of a single color, or simply place them adjacent to each other.

4. Don’t wait for the colors to dry! Next take the purple glitter polish and dab one or two small strokes on the nail, again at random. These are the smaller “dust particles” in the galaxy…

5. …and now for the stars! Finally, take the large glitter polish and place strokes as your larger “stars.” You can also use the white polish instead of the silver glitter — just dot once or twice to form the stars in the galaxy.

6. Finish with a Top Coat and voila! You now have THE FORCE. Okay, not exactly, but your nails will definitely catch attention.

Now for the photo-vomit! Blurrrgggg!

natural light. take 1.

Anyone up for a trip to the cosmos?!



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