m! release: ‘body/blood’ collection

…just a few snapshots of the pieces before I load them into Etsy. All hand-sculpted, NOT CAST, so yeah, there are imperfections and no two pieces look alike. But that is what truly makes them “one of a kind.”

Initially, the spark of inspiration for these pieces came from the hours spent studying for Anatomy/Physiology this semester to prepare for my grad school applications (haha), but honestly, I’ve had the first ‘tooth’ sitting in the ‘Orphaned Pieces’ box for about a year now. My intent in releasing this first batch of pieces — which are not completely done, YET — at Spring/Summer time is to draw from the fundamental aspects of the human physiology. Basic building blocks, such as blood cells, osteocytes, the blood vessels, and of course, the teeth — are all components which are nearly identical for each of us save for minute differences. Unlike our personas, our eye color, nose shape, allergies, these simple pieces of ourselves are both identifiable for us as a species and as individuals.

But why would anyone want to wear a bloody tooth, snarled veins, or round red blood cells? For reasons no different than hipsters and bobble-headed teenagers shrieking upon seeing a mainstreamed gold skull, and screeching ‘OMG. THIS. IS. SOOOO COOL!” Yes, its cool. But all the same, it should receive respect no different than a  sculpture. Granted, the pieces are all made from polymer clay, hand sculpted without any molds or reference castings, baked then sanded down to minimize surface imperfections, then painstakingly hand-painted and assembled.

The work put in being irrelevant, there really isn’t someone willing to go so far and be as raw as these pieces are. They attract attention, whether you want it or not. They invite questions and odd looks and lingering stares.

But these pieces aren’t made for the faint of heart. They’re made for the individual who will not only let these pieces speak for who she is, but also that she doesn’t give two shits.

Kickin’ ass and taking names.



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