m! release: something borrowed. something blue.

Ah, summer.

Usually welcomed by others across the United States as a break from the dreary bleakness known as winter, but in the Bayou City, it’s generally a reason to double-up on the A/C and ice because summer means 100+ degree days for god-knows-how-long.

And if you have Facebook, are a part of the South Asian community, or some variation of both, summer also equates to WEDDING SEASON.

[cue Psycho-themed music]

Ok, I kid. It’s not that bad. Or perhaps I’ve become accustomed to having my feed be filled with gratuitous images of wedding ceremonies, both religious and not; bachelore/-ette party misbehavings in front of random buildings; and rants by those involved as to HOW MUCH there is still left to do. I fear for the day Facebook goes down and there is no way for brides/grooms/guests to vent..

…oh wait, we still have Twitter.

I decided, about a month ago, to do something different during the course of this summer and the wedding season. I guess it was a sort of ‘coming to terms’ with the fact that there is a market for bridal jewelry… a market which I so strongly had been avoiding.

My main concern was, as always, how to remain true to my own aesthetic and point-of-view in my designs while making them somewhat more appealing to the average consumer seeking bridal jewelry. A few points I knew I had to integrate into my own creativity is with that of the summer wedding trends:

  • pearls. when utilized the right way, they give the piece more classic treatment and become elevated to where they are wearable beyond that of just weddings — they become appropriate for almost any formal occasion.
  • crystals. I know I’ve been using crystals since the beginning, but this time the themes would need to incorporate the crystals almost as an adornment rather than a focal point of the piece.
  • muted, pale spring and summer color palette. This wasn’t the time to have high-contrast black-and-gold jewelry; rather, I played up tones of mint green, iridescent, pale ivory, and even blushing pink.
  • bright chains — both of sterling silver and plated gold. Darker chains don’t fit with the theme or atmosphere of weddings (unless it a Victorian-themed bash, haha), and generally speaking, it also doesn’t fit the average bride’s aesthetic either.

There are a dozen pieces in this collection, aptly titled ‘something borrowed, something blue’ as an ode to the traditional aspect of bridal jewelry merged with vintage themes. There is filigree, damask patterns, and swirling gemstones incorporated as well.


the Ishtar goddess necklace.


the Ruby Wine pearl earrings. okay, so I REALLY wanted to sneak some plum in there.


the Xantha vintage circle earrings.


the Lustria pearl hand chain. multi-purpose jewelry to the rescue!


the Dark Incarnate hand chain bracelet. ok, so I broke another rule. oops.


the Jasmine green crystal earrings.


the Tyche necklace with mother-of-pearl opal shards.


the Draped Pearl long necklace, modeled after the form of a skinny tie.


the Iris mint necklace.


the Touch of Skyy head chain.


the Tyche II earrings.


the Hazel Drops earrings. Simple linear form with dimension.

I’ve linked each item to its place in the shop, so have at it!

Hopefully, someone out there will want to celebrate their happily ever after with these babies.



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