how.what.wear. party like its 1776.

Dressing for events during a holiday — any holiday — can get tricky. You have to find the right balance between belonging to the crowd, while avoiding making an appearance as the entirety of the party decoration aisle from a Dollar Store. Add in the fact that July 4th falls on a Thursday this year (and work on Friday, so no getting completely hammered) AND the fact that we’ve already entered the hellish weather here in the deep South means less clothing to prevent complete suffocation.

the finished products.

last summer’s nail art — muted colors + high contrast.

For this 4th o’ July, I initially wanted to put together AN AWESOMELY RAD project from the DIY Files; however, I have an even better (and less kitchy, haha) project for this Saturday so… the trade-off is [drum roll please]… the first h.w.w. post on here!

:insert applause track here:

h.w.w. = how. what. wear. will be the equivalent of two separate fashion curations + styling. I’ve been styling other people for nearly 8 years now (I know, I’m carbon dating myself), and while I myself have been only recently trying to find my own style-persona, it seems that helping other people put together their closets comes much easier to me.

Obviously, the 4th is saturated with hues of red, white, and blue, stars and stripes, and maybe the bald head of an eagle.  Clearly, if you’re aiming to get all of the elements together in one outfit, then I can’t help you. Only a professional can.

I’ve arranged three separate combinations to give you an idea of what to wear utilizing the pieces you already have collecting dust in the closet. Each outfit board will be suitable for a range of party-esque events, from the casual BBQ to a formal night of drinks and drinks and fireworks.

relaxed, slouched afternoon affair:

Mispunktuation Store

boyfriend jeans + slouchy tee or tank + thick wedges

[from left to right, clockwise]

A. two row LOVE necklace / $5 / asos

B. mossimo loose tee / $18 / target

C. ice gold lariat necklace / $28 / baublebar

D. dree cut-out wedge / $40 / shoedazzle

E. lapis eye of protection handchain / $12 / m!spunktuation

F. 1969 boyfriend jeans / $70 / gap

A good pair of boyfriend jeans can go a long way, given the trend has already come around multiple times in the past few years. Denim is an effortless way to anchor the entire look as a neutral — especially in a darker wash — and it’ll be worn time and time again. Paired with a slouchy tee or blouse, the combination is both comfortable and allows you to eat to your heart’s content. Add on thick wedges with the rolled cuffs and a pop of red and you’re done, son. The integration of red + dark denim indigo + gold accents –> Americana without the cheese.

evening dinner party/game night:

Quasi On Stilts-021

printed pants + button up shirt + heeled sandals

[from left to right, clockwise]

A. pura vida bracelet / $15 / misskl

B. fall into line pants / $58 / gypsywarrior

C. karma mantra bone bracelet / $14 / misskl

D. buckle down bracelet / $12 / mkl access

E. blue stars chambray shirt / $17 / old navy

F. eye earrings / $15 / asos

G. pointed toe stilettos / $30 / f21

Here, the printed chambray works with the parallel lines of the pants as both are contrasting individually and together. These eye earrings from ASOS would be great quirky accents to pin to the collar tips of the shirt, pulling the outfit together and providing an attention-getter. Finally, with the multitude of reds and blues throughout the combination, neutral nude heels give the clothes the opportunity to speak for themselves.

dressed to the nines/fireworks soiree:

Quasi On Stilts-022

maxi dress + vest + low heel booties

[from left to right, clockwise]

A. motel polka maxi / $77 / asos

B. peony bloom strand white / $34 / baublebar

C. river island coral maxi / $34 / asos

D. spiked denim moto vest / $30 / f21

E. pink cone earrings / $38 / baublebar

F. buckled ankle booties in camel / $50 / dailylook

Once the sun goes down and the fireworks come out, you want to make sure you’re covered without being weighed down by fabric — and a maxi is the way to go. Mix it up with a vest in super-light denim (almost acid-washed) or even a chiffon off-white version works. I absolutely LOVE the light coral version above as well as the polka dot on — the latter I would pair with more ‘edgy’ items, such as combat boots, a long chiffon vest with pins and patches, and layered long necklaces. However, this combination is supposed to be for a night-time event, thus a tad fah-ncy. The boots are both comfortable, warming for the cool nights, and will keep your feet from getting burned by firework shrapnel.

Now you’ve been properly forewarned to not show up at people’s places on the 4th covered head-to-toe in stars, stripes, and a vomit of red/white/blue. Don’t do it, I’m telling you!

Happy 4th/Thursday off!



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