how.what.wear. the many layers around your neck.

Layering — regardless of what ‘it’ is — requires a partial formulaic approach with an artistic vision. Alright, it’s not as complicated as I’m having it seem.

Remember the episode of FRIENDS when Rachel attempted to make a traditional English trifle for Monica’s Thanksgiving dinner…

… and the recipe was not-quite-right?

Call it what you will, but layering accessories does take some tweaking to get it juuuuust right. And when it comes to layering necklaces, the emergence of the statement necklace in collar or bib form, varying shapes and sizes, and multiple metal tones can all add touches of intrigue to your ensemble.

three ways to get your layer(-ing) on…

minimalist — a basic look is to layer two necklaces for a simple, clean, and modern approach. You don’t get too fancy with the arm parties, so why overly complicate the clavicle region? Keeping the neckline minimal allows you to go further with complex details on the rest of the outfit.


tassel DIY + Phalanx Says necklace = two [long] chainz


details / tassel DIY + Phalanx Says

Two long necklaces paired, as shown here, can also be converted to two short necklaces as well. With shorter necklaces, the cleaner lines closer to the neck allow for a more elegant and classic look. This works well if your top’s neckline is above the collar bone and up against the base of the neck, or if you have a longer v-neckline, like the image below.

baublebar 1 short stack

baublebar pendants pile.

stairway — for the more advanced stacker, this methodology combines gradated lengths of necklaces and a similar metal finish to give a textured and variant appearance. This requires more of a ‘stacking’ mentality because you are basically placing necklaces of different lengths on top of each other while allowing each of them to be a part of the final look.


tassel DIY + asos rosary necklace + tilly pentagram necklace + tilly dagger necklace

The ‘stairway’ method also gives you the chance to experiment with various metals and finishes; the stack here incorporates a gold rosary with bright silver, gunmetal, and antiqued gold — four different finishes that all belong to a similar theme. So completely independent, yet they work together.

Quasi On Stilts-027


details / cross + tassel + dagger

schizo — contrary to popular belief, ‘schizo’ isn’t a bad thing… fo’ reelz. If you’re wearing a blank canvas of a tee shirt + jeans, jewelry is the paint to express yourself. In this case, go hog wild, but try to keep the pieces within a single theme.


tassel DIY + old skeleton key necklace + Atreyi metal collar necklace + coin necklace

schizo pics

details / keep it separated (then together).

The contrast of a collar bib necklace paired with two longer chains would give high-fashion edge to an otherwise plain outfit, punching it to life with a burst of color as well. In this case, the metal and jewel combination is also super trendy and avant-garde.


details / tassel DIY + pewter skeleton key


details / up close and personal with a gypsy coin necklace (old)

I think that’s everything you need to know about layering necklaces — considering that there are no real rules when it comes to stacking accessories, it helps to have just a little guidance.

Knowledge. Dropped.



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