inspiration alley: from the mind’s eye and onto paper.

More than halfway through the year, and I’m finding that constant reminders of what I need and WANT to get done are becoming necessary. That’s why I have my planner, of course, so that my entire week/month/year can be filled with reminders of deadlines and whatnot.

Then… that nagging little (or not so little) voice begins to creep in all of the doubt and reminds you that your destiny is only failure…

(no? that’s just me?)

Below are some creative motivational prints and posters. Hint, hint — letterman trend + motivation posters = ?

good things come to those who work

well, that explains it.

collage 1

cant stop poster

won’t stop.

create collage

yes, create.

watercolor headdress

love this layered effect.

watercolor skull

and of course, can’t NOT have a skull.

…alright, and a humorous [sorta motivating] poster.

demotivate poster 1

Off to see ROCKSTAR UPROAR Festival tomorrow night… AIC + Coheed + Jane’s Addiction. HELL YES.



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