inspiration alley: in extremes, black and white edition.

We’ve heard the adage “opposites attract,” and while the pull of something completely different from the known is both exciting and very structured, the magnetism of extremes coming together is as clear as black and white.

No, literally its black and white, dancing together. When two elements are placed in such high contrast against each other, there is far more harmony in the combination than if each stands alone. Graphic prints from the past few seasons have taken the sharp and regulated nature of the imagery and accentuated them to simply black-and-white pops.

collage 1

simple: jacket / theo, alc / blades leather earrings / bottica

ysl booties

unexpected: two tone bootie / saint laurent

chevron blouse dp

depth: chevron blouse / dorothy perkins

flowers dress

complicated: printed dress / roberto cavalli

Taking a cue from the simplified nature of the monochromatic graphics, there has also been an increased presence of artists who have limited their palettes to two singular colors in decor. Whether the canvas is a blank and pure white, or a dark and dreary ebony, the surface is irrelevant as the contrasting color provides the story.

uncle allan bust 2

tearing off the mask / Uncle Allan Black Metal bust

uncle allan bust 1

explosive / Uncle Allan Black Metal bust


inverted / Brian Morris painted skull


gossiping / Brian Morris painted ceramic busts

There’s something both attractive and sinister about reducing an anthropomorphic object, whether it’s a bust or a skull or a figurine, to the positive and negative elements of its appearance. What is seen by the viewer can easily be manipulated by the use or lack of white or black, lending mystery to the piece.

…tomorrow, I’ll explore this duo and play with the light and dark to make something pretty gnarly. Or weird. You’ll see.



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