It’s FINALLY been under 80 degree weather outside for more than 24 hours (generally in Houston, if the weather drops below this temperature, its considered a fluke)! That also means I can pull out my boots from the depths of the closet where they’ve been patiently awaiting their turn. Boot* Season is HERE, people!

7AM exuberance Budapest

its boot-wearing time! running around the street of budapest at 7am.

I know, everywhere else, this is NOT news (technically, we should’ve been experiencing autumnal temperatures since the last week of September, but alas, Mother Nature makes this city the exception); however, in the Bayou-Swimming-in-Humidity City, we enjoy every last drop of fall as it comes our way. Hey, Northerners, I’ll gladly take those 50 degree days!

For the scarce moments that ‘boot season’ is in swing, I’ve found that I’m able to combine components of my outfits easily when boots are involved. Something about the fit and heel and PRESENCE just *makes* the outfit.

While there are a myriad of choices in length, materials, and heels which can make your boot collection, the important thing is to understand… no two boots are the same for your shoe game.

monica boots hurt

ow ow ow. i feel your pain, mon.

low low low heel — a welcome reprieve from the usual towering stiletto heels of boots past, the sliver of a heel or a 1-inch chunk heel takes the edge off the ‘tough grrl’ stomp, but keeps comfort the object of desire. You can go as simple as the classic inch heel black boot, or add some embellishment action to create more interest.

kimia flat boot

tan dp flat boot

hm boots

[1] classic / kimia / shoedazzle / [2] buckled / tan flat boot / dorothy perkins / [3] western / ankle boots / h&m

peek a boot — cut outs on dresses? Check! Peek-a-boo sleeves? Check! But skin-skimming translucency on boots? We’ve got that, too. Show some skin (or awesome blossom socks!) when traipsing around in these.

f21 cutout booties

katrice cut out boot shoedazzle zara mesh boots

[1] single space / sleek cut out / f21 / [2] double space / katrice / shoedazzle / [3] mesh / leather mesh ankle boot / zara

shine on — metallic details are taken a step (haha) further with metallic finish and high shine boots this time around. Granted, fashion has had its share of tortured fabrications of shoes (‘italian’ alligator skin, anyone?), but synthetic and futuristic is the direction these boots are heading.

silver zara boots
zooshoo glitter boots
croc boohoo flat shoes
[1] metallic / silver ankle boots / zara / [2] glitter / glitter combat / zooshoo / [3] faux animal / polly croc / boohoo
graced with laced — they may look to be time-consuming to wear, but a hidden zipper does the trick when faced with intimidating lines of laces. You can veer from the rugged to the Victorian ends of the spectrum with the addendum of laces, and the choices are endless when other hardware is thrown into the mix.
go jane combat boot
grey lace up zooshoovictorian lace up shoedazzle
corset boot justfab
[1] combat / combative lace up / gojane / [2] victorian / outlaw / zooshoo/ [3] over the knee / champarelle / shoedazzle
[4] corset / gisane / justfab
to the pointed toe — forget about the almond and round toe, the pointed toe is here to stay! While having the words “pointed toe” and “boots” in the same sentence elicit images of footwear belonging to a witch or dominatrix, fear not because modern day pointed toe boots are anything but witch-y, especially when the coloration of the boots draw attention to making the look more editorial and less 1800’s.
nude patent boot shoedazzle
tuxedo pointed toe asos boots
barrie bootie nastygal
[1] pale and pointed / ziska / shoedazzle / [2] tuxedo / toulouse pointed toe / asos / [3] avant garde / barrie bootie / nastygal
The best way to see the many types of boots out there is by sticking to neutrals — black, brown, gray, blush/peach– in order to better isolate and highlight the specific characteristics of each type. If we throw some color into the palette, the possibilities are endless!
It’ll take another h.w.w. to cover bold and beautiful boots from the rainbow — keep your eyes peeled!
*N.B. When I say ‘boots’ I am NOT referring to these atrocities known as Uggs. Let’s just keep them out of this conversation…*

So when fall/winter/’any excuse to wear boots’ arrives, what’s your pick?



how.what.wear. boot suit riot.

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