the holi-grail gift guide, part I: snap happy camper.

After spending the previous week filling our stomachs and emptying our wallets, its time to buckle down and start (if you haven’t already) getting gifts together for Christmas! Come on people, there’s ONLY 22 DAYS AND COUNTING OMGWTFAGHHHHH!

[are we over the pandemonium yet? no?]

I’m not the biggest fan of ‘The Holidays’ simply because A)its a bit too upbeat and happy-happy-joy-joy for my temperament, and B)guys, Halloween is barely over and Christmas fills the air like the pungent odor of a rotting corpse. Yay. Can we please hit the breaks?

While I’m not the bah-humbug type, I wouldn’t mind so much if it wasn’t for the CONSTANT IN YOUR FACE COMMERCIALISM for the last quarter of the year.

But, since I have a non-Brown boyfriend who’s family has graciously made me one of them, haha, I do celebrate Christmas to as much of an extent possible without my needing to swallow large quantities of eggnog and hanging myself with yuletide lights. Boy, would that put a damper on things…

In an effort to both participate in the Christmas season AND contribute my funds to smaller and niche businesses, I’m going to be compiling guides/road maps/suggestions for gifts for this holiday season for your loved/tolerable ones. Many of them will be online, so this little hermit doesn’t have to face the world more-so than necessary.

On to the FIRST little* gifts!

It’s far more manageable to categorize the interests of people you’re shopping for rather than going “ok, what to get for my x-person, who I’ve only met a handful of times?” We’ll start off with an easier one: the budding, or already fully bloomed, photographer. Regardless of whether their dreams of snapping shots involve an extensive list of lenses, or playing around with filters on Instagram until they’re got just the right one, your photog-friend will be sure to appreciate that you’re encouraging this hobby/talent of theirs. Also, if they’re especially lost on this journey to Insta-stardom, a little guidance never hurt anyone, right?

[A] jewelry: something with a bit of cool and beyond just a brass ‘camera’ charm.

collage 1

[1] film strip earrings / something monumental / [2] lens necklace / the pendant garden / [3] film strip photo cuff / mialettinggo

[B] apparel: thanks to the wild popularity of graphic tees with text, it’s become relatively easy to find a comical t-shirt related to photography or create a personalized one.

collage tshirts

[1] space camera tee / huebucket  / [2] not a tourist / lightning tees / [2] keep calm / davesdisco / [4] fix it / ice cream tees

[C] accessories: there’s a myriad of camera straps available, both in the most generic and most personalized variations; however, there’s more to the camera than just a strap to sling it from…

camera bag 1

classic in leather / camerasbagstraps

camera bag 2

go bold and colorful / darbymack

camera folder

for the slim point-and-shoot types / photojojo

[D] paper-made: artists generally choose to surround themselves with inspiration to further their own creativity, so what better gift than prints and photographs by others? Obviously, you’ll want to stick to what you know the giftee will appreciate; however, it doesn’t hurt to provide some exposure to new and different photography styles to the individual.

collage archi

architecture / raceytay

collage nature

nature and nurture / national geographic

collage light witch

fantasy / lightwitch

[E] vintage: only in the last decade or so has the digital camera really taken off, so what to do with the older pre-digital units? Clearly, collecting older models isn’t out of the question. And the giftee will appreciate the whimsy that comes along with having a clunky piece of equipment that serves as a reminder as to how far technology has come.

collage vintage cameras

various vintage cameras by polaroid / ohiopicker and coleblk

[F] real life: these have been floating around the interwebs for awhile now, and even for non-photography buffs, the idea is pretty cool and interesting. A camera lens mug might cause someone to freak out who hasn’t come across it before, so use it wisely. Or not.

collage camera lens mug

[above] both the white and black mugs are available through photojojo.

[G] learn stuff: a class in Photoshop or the Basics of DSLR would be the gift of choice if the person you’re shopping for isn’t completely versed in the activity, but what about something a bit more creative and even challenging for the photog?

collage twin lens kit

twin lenses diy kit / photojojo

collage diy kit 2

pin hole camera kit / sunprint kit / photojojo

[H] with a side of quirk: a few other picks that may not be so practical, but who really cares? Especially since its the thought that counts!

collage cookies

camera cookie cutter set / photojojo

collage film roll shakers

film roll shakers / photojojo

Tell me, is there something else you’ve found that would be welcomed by the snap-happy person in your life? And remember to shop small businesses this holiday season!


*all under 50 bucks, kids!


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