[the DIY Files] hardware your mitts… er, gloves?

Like many of the 20-something American women out there, I have a disease called ‘I Can Make That’-tis. Even though my skill sets may be nowhere in the same ballpark as what’s needed to make something I can more-easily buy… I would much rather make it. It REALLY becomes a problem when I see a high-end item, or a runway trend, and the wheels begin turning in my head. That’s where The DIY Files come to the rescue.

Hot Glue crisis… AVERTED! 

Have you ever had one of those days, where you see something…oh, I don’t know, say a pair of gloves… and you pick them up and say to yourself, “you will be something AWESOME.”

No? You’ve never had one of these revelations during random Target trips at 9 o’clock at night, when all you had gone for was a loaf of bread, scotch tape, and allergy pills?

In order to sound less crazy than I already do, I’ll explain.

Target. Mint green gloves. $3. Ok, I thought to myself, they’re cheap and I do need some gloves since my fingers are always a deep shade of purple at work.. and they’re touchscreen compatible? Hellz yah.

Then I picked up the gloves, put them on, and voila! A revelation occurred…


collage studs

oh, hello there stud(s).

You’ll need:

  • a pair of knit gloves (or mittens, whatever your preference) — make sure they’re tightly knit so as to prevent the embellishments from falling the fuck off.
  • studs. rhinestones. brooches. even flatback scrapbook embellishment pieces… ’cause they. will. work.
  • E6000 glue.
  • if you’re attaching studs, some flat nose pliers will get the job done.
  • a piece of plastic to sit inside the gloves when you’re gluing to prevent the two sides from sticking together.
  • if you’re so inclined, a needle and thread to sew the rhinestones on after they’ve been glued.

Oh, yeah, and a plan.

collage sparkles

glue + bling = winning

Easy, peasy instructions!

1. Taking the embellishment pieces, begin arranging them on a flat surface (I used the white box lid the rhinestones had been sitting in) and figure out what you want to do. Unfortunately, like 99.9% of the shit in my head, it looked a lot different in real life. Oh well.

2. Insert the plastic piece inside the first glove (make sure you’ve indicated somehow which side is the outside and which is the inside so as to prevent mismatched gloves). Word of warning…


both pretty and tough.


3. Begin gluing the flatback rhinestones or larger pieces embellishment on FIRST. I had laid the studs into their respective spots and was able to maintain the necessary space between rhinestones.

4. Allow the glue to dry and cure for an hour or so.


collage studs 2

5. With the prongs of the studs visible, insert them into the knit — ensure they’ve been put into the thicker areas to reduce pulling and unraveling — and isolate the prongs.

6. Using the flat head pliers, fold down one prong and then the other. Finally, using the weight of your arm to counter the folded backing, press the back of the studs further into surface of the knit. This will keep the studs in nice and tight.


7. Finish adding the smallest embellishment pieces — such as  the silver flatback pearls I’ve used — with the E6000. If you end up altering the design, as I did, make sure to put it onto the surface of the glove without glue FIRST.



twins. sorta.

8. And you’re DONE. You can actually personalize knitwear for others to give as gifts if you’re, you know, depressingly broke. OR you can make them for yourself and feel fucking glamorous.


pow, bitch.

Tomorrow, part deux of the HOLI-days-are-here-again-I-need-eggnog-stat series. This time, we up the ante with gifts for the resident Dead-ite. You’ll see…

– Nita


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