the holi-grail gift guide, part II: the Walking Dead-ite.

Let’s face it — those of us obsessed with The Walking Dead are not few and far between; rather, the show’s rise on AMC has led to numerous products, roles for the actors in other shows (see Maggie on an episode of Law and Order SVU), and of course, a renewed interest in zombies. Even today, the show is one of the leading programs on a cable network and is perhaps one of the best examples of ensemble acting; it doesn’t rest completely on Andrew Lincoln’s rugged shoulders.

So for the fellow Dead-ite, it would be fruitless to simply gift another copy of the DVDs (because they obviously pre-ordered them), or even the accompanying graphic novel (which has been read, reread, and dog-eared). Instead, take a look at the wonderful world of zombies which even the least-iron-stomached individual will enjoy.

[1] jewelry: traversing through the midst of etsy jewels — of which there are waaay tooo many — I happened across baubles that are beyond the normal resin and plastic variety. Obviously, you can put in’ zombies’ and get thousands of results… but these gifts are something scary/special.

zombie ears

zombie ear necklace / zomcom

zombie finger earrings

zombie finger earrings / scarletbegonias88

collage michonne

michonne necklaces / simplyharry / spaztazm

[2] apparel: graphic tees won’t be going away anytime soon, but who needs another t-shirt from the HotTopic clearance section? Not when you can pay tribute to your love for Daryl Dixon with a simple [veiled] threat. Or, if the receiver is more fashionable and less practical, these arm warmers come in handy year-round, or whenever the desire to emulate zombie-arms strikes.

darryl tshirt

daryl dies / hottopic

zombie arm warmers

arm warmers / secrettserendipity

[3] paper-made: what’s better than a Walking Dead themed board game? A Walking Dead themed MONOPOLY game. Take your soul-less and heart-less self and let loose on your fellow man. There’s also a ‘RISK’ board game with a Walking Dead theme… but wouldn’t that be a bit redundant?

walking dead monopoly

the walking dead monopoly game / thinkgeek

[4] edibles: in order to impress (and perhaps garner a few ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’) the ULTIMATE DEAD-ite, it doesn’t hurt to take gruesome to the next level with chocolate zombified treats! A little red frosting gel here, some green and brown food coloring there..

thinkgeek chocolate fingers

chocolate zombie fingers / thinkgeek


chocolate zombie santa / thinkgeek

[5] decor: if I had things my way, my place would look like the inside of a Victorian castle, compete with skulls and remnants of those who had lived there previously. Also, freaky things would be up everywhere, like these zombie HANDS. You don’t necessarily have to use them to hang keys or objects from the fingers; have the hands coming out vertically from the surface of a table and have the palm and fingers hold rings and various pieces of jewelry.

zombie hands

painted zombie hanger hands / deathgrips

collage zombie hands

unpainted hands / deathgrips

zombie candles

zombie candles / littledeadthings

These candles are also the perfect stocking stuffer — inexpensive but odd enough to make anyone do a double-take. And the facial expressions definitely make them go from AGH! to Haha!

[7] with a side of quirk (and Daryl, and Carl, and Lori…) It would be easier to say these are random gifts, but to be completely honest, they can be practical and perfect for that Dead-ite in your life. The Zombie Survival Kit lunch box is great for actually using as a lunch box, or as a funky ‘purse’ on the weekends.

zombie lunch kit

zombie lunch box / aquarius

zombie ornament

zombie ornament / artofjohntatrellijr

For the ornament collector in your life, this handmade and detailed zombie Christmas ornament is subtle enough to be a creature of the undead, and won’t frighten away the kids either.

zombie soap

zombie soaps / skyrainsoap

These AWESOME zombie soaps will get the person receiving these do a double-take before their eyes open wide… great as stocking stuffers!

These affordable awesome zombie-fied gifts are sure to cure any TWD blues the receiver may have… at least until it returns on February 09!



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