embrace the silence.

the past few weeks of absentia and silence, so to speak, have been pretty heavily stacked on my conscience — and since it hasn’t been easy to switch over from a nocturnal schedule to a diurnal one, this poor space has suffered. Even more so than my haphazard days. ACK, i hate slacking, despise not creating, with trains of thought slipping in between the cracks of my days and weeks.

going into the third week of this new job (yes, i finally escaped from that brutish hell of the past 3+ years!) i’m thinking i have a better handle on juggling the plates in the air. i hope nothing comes crashing down again…

[glimpses of the images currently in my head]

clarissa explains 1

cue nostalgia.

90s daisy vest

i have a very vested interest in these.

caravaggio medusa

still a staggering sight.

laser cut sweater www

cchhyeah lasers.

Fullscreen capture 2232014 103714 PM.bmp

texture that’s just a bit creepy.

crystal tanzanite chunk

how to get my hands on some of this.

lehen bauer photo

i want to wear these / daniel lehenbauer


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