inspiration alley: in ‘mondrian’ color

collage mondrian 1

It won’t come as a surprise that the inside of my closet resembles something like a black-hole in space, the depths of darkness only further accentuated by the fact that everything is in a post-tornado state. Alright, that might be a tad bit of an exaggeration. While I have approximately 90% clothes that are black (or something in the vicinity of that palette), I’ve managed to shy away from too-much-black and incorporated a few aspects of color. Quite a few shows from Fall 2104 Fashion Week seem to be thinking along the same lines — ‘Mondrian’ lines — as well.

mondrian compo II

Much like the graphic boxing lines of Piet Mondrian’s works, cutting off striking and sunny yellows from the cool blues and vibrant reds, the juxtaposition of high contrast black-and-white scale with the primary colors was evident both on the runway and cities’ walkways.  In a closet full of black, charcoal, and grey, what better way to transition from a dreary winter to the soaking spring temperatures ahead? You know, without going full-on-pastel-crazy.

yasmin sewell vogue

yasmin sewell focuses on the dark blue as her neutral, punching it up with the yellow and burgundy / vogue

collage red valentino

snow white meets warhol, just needs more black / red valentino


variations of the same three colors as accents / harpers bazaar

jenni ispy diy

the sweatshirt + the diy bag = well blocked, jenni.

With the copious quantities of black (and white) I’ve been wearing recently, it only feels right to follow the Mondrian parade…

– Nita


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