[inspiration alley] all choked up.

Well, well, WELL. If we aren’t already through with a quarter of the year and already falling behind on resolutions and stuff?! No? Just me?

:insert facepalm here:

So while I haven’t been able to post much lately (argh, 2 weeks between posts, whatthewhat!), the slew of projects is slowly and unfortunately building up. Pretty soon, I’ll have too many DIYs!

(is that even a real thing?)

None the less, considering how incredibly short on time I am this week, and since we’re only 2 weeks out from the start of the ‘Music Festival Season’ — ahem, Coachella — it serves best that maybe this be a quick, simple, and useful project. Oh yeah, and you can take it with you if you’re a lucky sonofabeyotch and going to the festival this year.

The 90s haven’t left us yet, if street style or the runways have anything to say about it, and nowhere is the decade more accessible than with one of the defining elements from that period: the choker. Whether ornately decorating the throat in luxe velvet and embellishment, or unmarred by any decoration at all, the choker necklace is making it’s own kind of comeback.

natalie portman the professional

a la natalie portman in ‘the professional’ 20 years ago

collage chanel s14

pearls re-imagined by chanel / spring 2014

Fullscreen capture 3302014 112041 PM.bmp

lesson in layering by the manrepeller, choker included

Something as simple as a choker necklace can be the antithesis of the statement necklace that’s dominated the neck game — ranging from the ‘henna’ variety to a singular metal curved to wear.

collage etsy chokers

daisy chain choker, ANTIapparel / velvet ribbon and charm, absolutemarket  / henna-fied, sictransitgloriaa / golden rivet, shophoyden

Designer Vanessa Mooney takes the minimalist route one step further in her boho-chic collections with the ‘Anarchy’ choker and the ‘Notorious’ neck cuff. The lack of any interruptions on the choker itself means layers is just that much easier.

anarchy gold choker vanessa mooney

total anarchist / vanessa mooney

notorious necklace vanessa mooney

so notorious / vanessa mooney

It’d be easy to run with just one of these elements, but with Coachella in less than two weeks, I’m thinking a more versatile choker is in order. Something that’ll keep both the gypsy and rock n’ roll vibe front and center.

Until next time…

– Nita


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