[The DIY Files] daisy says simple choker.

Like many of the 20-something American women out there, I have a disease called ‘I Can Make That’-tis. Even though my skill sets may be nowhere in the same ballpark as what’s needed to make something I can more-easily buy… I would much rather make it. It REALLY becomes a problem when I see a high-end item, or a runway trend, and the wheels begin turning in my head. That’s where The DIY Files come to the rescue.

Hot Glue crisis… AVERTED!

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past week, you’re sure to have been bombarded with music festival news; from Coachella’s impending arrival to the Lolla line-up being announced, festival season has begun. Hell, my inbox/Facebook/Instagram feed say so. It’s bad enough that packing for Coachella (or any other multi-day concerts) can lend to over or under-packing, so why not put together accessories that’ll work or the weekend, or two? Here’s a quick and super easy project to wear regardless of your music festival agenda this summer…



  • velvet or black ribbon – no more than 1/2 in wide, it’ll work best as a choker and still be comfortable.
  • flower charm(s)
  • ribbon clamps – these can be found in the jump rings and findings section at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.
  • a pair of needle nose pliers
  • a clasp for closing, obviously.
  • seven jump rings
  • scissors
  • matches or a lighter (a little pyromania never hurt nobody…)
  • measuring tape (optional)
  • 10 minutes. That’s it.

collage supplies 2 collage supplies

1. Take the measuring tape and use it to circle around the circumference of your throat, making sure the tape is comfortably snug around your throat.

2. Measure the same length of ribbon as the measuring tape.

3. Taking the lighter or matches, lightly touch the flame to each end and burn the threads shut so you don’t end up with a steadily loosening ribbon.

4. With a single ribbon clamp, place it over the end of the ribbon and push down the two sides to meet with your fingers. Using the pliers, firmly press down both sides and secure the end of the ribbon.


5. Open a jump ring and slide through each of the clamps.

6. Join together the other five jump rings and attach to one end of the ribbon.


7. Attach the closure clasp to the other end of the ribbon. Try the choker on for size!

8. Using one of the jump rings, loop it through the flower charm, then slide the ribbon through it as well. Close the ends of the ring tightly with the pliers.


9. I think you still have about 3 minutes left, so model your new choker… or, you know, pair it with your beat-up tee/lacy blouse/plaid button-down…

10. DONE!






I know, all this Coachella-talk is getting me… green. Curse you, work. Maybe I’ll just have to channel the festival spirit in my cubicle some other way.

– Nita


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