[The DIY Files] the watchful eyes clutch bag.

Like many of the 20-something American women out there, I have a disease called ‘I Can Make That’-tis. Even though my skill sets may be nowhere in the same ballpark as what’s needed to make something I can more-easily buy… I would much rather make it. It REALLY becomes a problem when I see a high-end item, or a runway trend, and the wheels begin turning in my head. That’s where The DIY Files come to the rescue.

Hot Glue crisis… AVERTED!

On a random day some weeks ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, when I came upon a beautiful cobalt blue hoodie unlike any I had seen before. Probably because it was covered.. in spikes and EYES. I could go with the spikes too, but EYES. How could I resist the eyes?!

collage studmuffin

studymuffin nyc / nylon magazine

Since I’ll be going to Texas Frightmare this weekend, I figured I would need something to carry autographs and souvenirs in… so why not make an oversized clutch bag? I’m adding a chain to be able to wear the clutch as a cross-body, but for someone choosing to carry the bag rather than wearing it, I’ve gotten the handy-dandy steps below! The bag will get people to do a double-take!


  • plain zipper bag — I picked white so the background of the eyes would somewhat blend in.
  • plastic googly eyes — you can find these in the craft aisle at Wal-Mart, Target, or even Hobby Lobby. Go with a variety of sizes or even a single size that you can line-up uniformly.
  • *scissors or a fabric hole puncher — this is for punching out the holes for the strap* and for cutting the thread.
  • bright red embroidery thread + needle — for the ‘veins’ on the background, adding a pop of color.
  • scrap cardstock — to use as surface to host the glue while you’re adding the eyes.

collage supplies 1

collage supplies 2

Ready for the steps? Onwards!

1. Take any excess packaging off the zipper bag, cutting off any pieces which will alter the clean surface of the bag.


2. Measure the embroidery thread through the eye (haha!) of the needle and cut to the length you prefer; the longer the thread, the more ‘vein’ lines you’ll be able to weave.


3. Push the needle through the surface of the bag from inside the bag. It may help if you mark the point of exit and entry on the inside surface of the bag.

4. Weave and sew the lines on the bag as to your preference.

collage sewing 1

5. Knot and close up the thread to finish.

6. Squeeze a small amount of the E6000 glue onto the scrap cardstock, as it has a tendency to dry out quickly.

7. Dab a small amount of the glue onto the back of a larger sized googly eye and press down onto the outer surface of the bag.


8. Repeat with the remaining larger eyes.

collage eyes 1

9. Add glue as needed to finish attaching the remaining eyes — make sure to cover the front and back of the bag!


10. OPTIONAL: Using the fabric puncher, punch out a hole on each side of the bag where you want to attach the straps. Grommets will help keep the fabric from stretching and fraying.

Now go let your freak flag fly!





surprise! #girlboss coming soon!

I think I’m going to go back and add more red lines — er, ‘veins’ — next week, since this weekend will be filled with Tobin Bell, John Kassir, Corey Taylor, and Doug Bradley… some of the GREATS in Horror!

Until next time…



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