[inspiration alley] alternate reality fringe theory.

Aye aye aye — its been way too quiet around here! Seriously, I am really sorry for the complete lack of any presence on here… I’m alive, and kickin’, but unfortunately so damn busy this month that I don’t know where May went! The original project I started on with my embroidery inspiration is turning out to be… more complicated (read: its now officially an undertaking)… than I had expected. So, here’s some more imagery to dream up for my next project! This time, it’ll have to be a bit on the simpler side. Live and learn.

Its (almost) summer, and what’s more summer than the lines of fringe hanging off sleeves and skirts? The wind blowing through the shattered pieces of fabric or string, cutting into your silhouette, whipping around the fragments. While ‘fringe’ can venture into a more western or flapper territory, the accompanying fabric with the fringe helps to evoke a sense of free-spirited and adventurous style, a gypsy traveling free from all constraints. Add in splashes of color in bold prints, and you have a piece that really speaks — where you’ve been, where you’re going next. Your fringe piece has the potential to become a reminder of your travels, your persona, even a part of a memory.

Personally, I’ve never been one to delve into a fringe-embellished piece… but there’s always a first time for everything, right?

[1] dark romance, a la florals

free people kimono

floral kimono / freepeople

[2] a diluted version of ‘ethnic’ print

a fashion love affair fringe kimono

lightly printed / afashionloveaffair

[3] gauzy and monochrome

collage coral kimono

rory lace kimono / freepeople

[4] who said grunge couldn’t take part?

Fullscreen capture 5292014 122949 AM.bmp

fringe goes grunge / asos

[5] the side acts, accessorizing with fringe instead

collage fringe accessories

accessorize with these strands / asos

[6] fringe doesn’t always have to be made of textile

fringe cuff

metallicized / jeweletto

A few other projects are in the works — including finishing up the embroidery piece as well — but I’ll be back with my version of fringe theory! Seeing as to how its presence doesn’t have to fit one style or another, the piece will definitely have my voice, my insomniac hyperventilating voice. Ha!

– Nita


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