[inspiration alley] where we find the starry night.

It seems as though the first day of the first month of this year was ONLY yesterday — yet, here we are, ready to celebrate the 4th of July. I could sing the same song everyone else seems to be, i.e. WHEREDIDTHETIMEGO? Frankly, I know where the time went.

Rather than bombard the internet/youz with some more bandanna paisley print or flags a la Americana, I’m going to look up… for my July 4th inspiration. You CAN show your patriotism without going full on RWB, beer in one hand and firecrackers in the other.

Well, let’s just leave the explosives out of this.

star print givenchy scarf

givenchy and a box of crayolas / net-a-porter

Granted, the star print has been around for awhile, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make a come-back or find its own snug spot in your wardrobe. It’s an easily wearable print without being kitschy or cliched (even on July 4th). Usually in monochrome, its an uncomplicated repetition in shape that plays well with others (see Breton stripes below) and doesn’t find itself being trendy for the sake of it.

The normal and expected version of a print is an ‘all over’ version, uniformly distributed across the fabric landscape so as to not disturb the eye.

Fullscreen capture 732014 25659 PM.bmp

taking it literally. / modcloth

sporty star dress asos

sport-side / asos

collage starry comets

shooting stars / modcloth

Even though the ‘stars’ on the dress above are a departure from the usual, its appearance is still intriguing, easy to wear, and the retro-but-quirky cut of the dress makes it BBQ AND office appropriate.

If an all-over print causes you to tremble (not in delight), then a handful of the celestial objects printed minimally would do the trick. But be weary of placement — no one wants star boobs.

mango star cropped sweater

star cropped sweater / mango

Fullscreen capture 732014 35228 PM.bmp

calling lisa frank / asos

Even an accent, such as an elbow patch in the star shape, gives a nod to the trend without being overwhelming. And mixing the irregular shape of the patch with the clean cut stripes = no flags given here.

collage asos star sweater

star elbow patch, why not? / asos

If you’re still not convinced, accessorize and peep the stars on your feet instead. Less distracting, still comfortable, shoes with studded or plastered stars make for a great conversation starter/distraction.

Fullscreen capture 732014 31623 PM.bmp

studded with variety / asos

Fullscreen capture 732014 31756 PM.bmp

patriotism is in the name / keds

Didja notice how easily all of the above can be replicated? There’s another project in the works…

Have a happy (and SAFE) 4th, y’all.

Don’t lose any digits, now.



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