[inspiration alley] something to tie dye for.

If you were a child of the 90’s, you’ll notice there’s been a recent shift in emerging patterns with print — something that really takes you back to the carefree days of your childhood, the field days where you’d be out playing kickball and foursquare against the other grades, and reading under the covers until 3am every night during the summers. And if you were stuck indoors, arts and crafts were the only way to keep from going nuts. Enter, the messy but awe-inducing world of tie dye.

clarissa explains it all tie dye

can a tshirt be mesmerizing? / styleblazer

While the 90’s seemed to be a technicolor explosion for the tie dye trend, the revival its experiencing these days is much tamer, almost diluted down from its juvenile days as a rainbow sprouting from the center of Hanes t-shirt. Patterns are being manipulated with more traditional methods — such as shibori from Japan, which uses different binding techniques to create more structured patterns with indigo dye — or taken to extremes with an acid wash to up the contrast levels.

collage shibori hwtf

sample of shibori by honestlywtf

We’re no longer looking at kitschy camp t-shirts blasted with neon; high fashion is taking notice. Resort 2015 saw tie-dye patterning integrated into full-collections, remaining cool and collected while utilizing the whirlwind pattern in new ways. These pieces drew attention in the most positive way — who knew tie dye could be elevated to the runway? Check out style.com’s Resort 2015 picks of this faux-print here.

collage dye 3

bottega veneta maxi dress / fausto puglisi jacket and skirt

Into the mix of a more structured tie-dye are the limitations placed upon the color palette in use — specifically, the monochrome trend is making its way into the otherwise psychedelic patterning, and fabric is being exposed to dye in single color schemes to keep the overall look minimal but interesting. The various folds and resulting depths of color (or lack of) attract the eye to what appears as a pattern without deviating from the main scheme.

collage freepeople tie dye

black with peeks of beige / freepeople

rodarte skirt stylecom

soothing tones / rodarte

shibori skirt stylecom

shibori skirt and cooling top / tommy ton

bosworth dress

bosworth in faded blues / peter som

I think a tie dyed piece would add a unique spin to an ensemble, especially when mixed with other monochromatic prints. And considering how many print pieces I have (I don’t know how that happened, promise), I think have an idea of which directions this project will take.

I’ve got bottles of dye and fabric just waiting to be folded/soaked/rinsed/revealed!

– Nita




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