The Autumn Edit. Or, ‘things I won’t be able to enjoy until this blanket of heat dissapates.’

Are you drinking a :gulp: pumpkin-spiced latte? Wearing a beanie, haphazardly tilted back on your head? Or maybe you’ve decided that its about time to stock up on faux-leaf decor and go cornacopia-crazy?


nope, don’t let the photoshop fool ya.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, but I despise the fact that we Houstonians are cheated out of it for a good portion of its duration. My moto-jackets and scarves, peppermint dark hot chocolate (not the Starbucks kind), and BOOTS are forced to wait in the dark until about… late October/early November. Tuesday may have been the first ‘official’ day of Autumn, but we’ll be the last kids picked to play in the leaves. (edit: it was actually cool today! Go figure.) Why not start planning to wring out as much ‘fall’ as I can ahead of schedule?

nailing it — hues that make you go “YES.”

I commonly (ok, almost always) wear either black, charcoal gray, or a deep wine polish on my nails. Year. Round. With the handmade pieces I work on for the shop + painting, spending more time than “just enough” for two coats has become a non-priority. Now that I’ve been defaulting to plainly polished nails, I have found two colors which satisfy my craving for new and exciting shades in the coming months (well, and beyond, duh).

collage opi nordic

l : skating on thin ice-land | r : going my way or norway?

As a South Asian living in the U.S., the terminology for ‘skin-like’ or ‘nude’ coloring has always been a mixed bag. You call it ‘nude,” I say “pale pink-peach.” So imagine my surprise when I passed by the Fall 14 OPI Nordic collection at ULTA and saw a bottle of polish with a shade… that was eerily similar to my own?





delving into my ring drawer.

On the other hand, if you’re aiming to pump up the ‘vamp’ factor for fall — without reaching for the usual maroon or oxblood — this plum/wine shade from OPI’s Skating on Thin Ice-land is absolutely GORGEOUS. In the bottle, it appears to be a more deep violet with cool undertones. On the nail (2 coats), there is a bit of redness that magically appears. Its a refreshing departure from the usual burgundy or peppy purple.

purple 1

two coats on, looking almost black.

purple 2

a look at the contrasts.

booted — because stomping around in heels + leaves is no good.

Stiletto heeled boots are a staple when it comes to fall footwear, but the stacked heel is truly the saving grace for the season. The thicker and chunkier, the better. My collection (yeah, its getting its own area of the closet) of black boots veer towards a mix of moto-influenced and witchy, but these are on my wishlist thanks to the combination of the stacked heel + Chelsea boot profile. The style dates back to the Victorian era, but is resurrecting thanks to mod elements from the runways.

chelsea 1

more to the point. | asos

collage boots

leather and croc patterning. | zara

Fullscreen capture 9232014 104132 PM.bmp

chelsea + menswear crossover. | macys

wrap it up — no overexposure here.

I remember seeing a floral wrap skirt back in the 7th grade on a mannequin in Dillard’s, thinking that it would be so difficult to walk in without exposing yourself to everyone else. Just because you’re showing a bit of skin doesn’t mean it can’t be executed in with some element of modesty — and modern cuts with intelligent draping allow for this. After spying this long-sleeve top at H&M with a faux-wrap back detail, especially in teal, I say heck YES. A peek of skin between the folds never hurt anyone.

Fullscreen capture 9222014 105438 PM.bmp

delicate draping thats demure | h&m

 This spring and summer were all about the white button-down, so why not transition into the latter part of the year with a white wrap blouse? Easily layered for warmth, the wrapped front fit keeps the piece from overwhelming you. Under a cropped blazer for work, or segue into evening-wear with a long vest and heels, this white blouse is anything but stuffy.

Fullscreen capture 9222014 112552 PM.bmp

in a classic ivory but with a DVF-flair | river island

 favored flavors — spice and all things nice

I think the PSL (ugh, writing that made a little part of me wither away) has received overhyped adulation for the Fall season. I mean, pumpkin is always welcome, but does a single drink really encapsulate everything about this season? There are bigger, bolder flavors out there which do one better, savory and sweet with a bit of pizzaz. For one, I’ve grown up drinking chai, but infusing the cardamom, smoky clove, and nutmeg into a warn or cold dessert (see my own cupcake concoction here) makes for a hearty and delicious treat.

chai cupcake

with bright blue frosting, no less.

chai ice cream

always screaming for ice cream. |

For those who are lucky to have a la Madeleine in your vicinity, you know where I’m headed: the tomato basil soup. I know, its just soup… but you’d be WRONG. A cup of this crack-in-a-bowl and some of their fresh baked bread is just what you need when the temperatures start dropping (or when you’re craving a smooth but savory meal).

tomato basil soup

sorry, I’m drooling over here.

playing maze-runner — more fun than you’d think

By pure accident, I came across a corn maze in Houston a few years ago. A FREAKIN’ MAZE, people. Dewberry Farm hosts a huge corn maze as well as a quite a few other activities (all family-friendly) during the fall months — and every year, the maze design changes so its a completely new experience each time. There’s also a myriad of treats available for purchase on site, as well as a popcorn kernel pit for kids (or adults who manage to sneak in, ha). If you make it to the Farm early enough in the season, you can also manage to pick pumpkins or flowers.

Fullscreen capture 9222014 113755 PM.bmp

flyover of the maze | dewberry farm

Fullscreen capture 9222014 113814 PM.bmp

this year’s design | dewberry farm

madly mod — looking at outerwear

Earlier this year, silhouettes of the mod-era were abundant on Fashion Week runways, but such striking forms can easily become costume-y. A simply formed and structural piece, such as this funnel-neck coat, can ease you into incorporating elements of the decade into the coming seasons. Also, its hella comfy. Olivia Pope is calling.

collage funnel coat

made for gladiators | mango (on sale!)

Although I’m craving quite a few other ‘autumnal’ elements, if I include everything this post will become never-ending. Instead, I’ll head off to work on some pieces for the upcoming fair — stay tuned for details! Or, LIKE the shop on Facebook HERE >>> to get insider peeks into the new line + coupon codes + news you can use!

I’ll be BACH.

– Nita


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