[inspiration alley] scarf it down, wrap it up.

…and we’re back! My apologies, dear internet explorers. It’s been quite… an eventful several weeks… hopefully there will be a smoother ride in the coming days. UGH. Sorry, I just can’t focus on something I enjoy (i.e. here) when there are erratic events going on around me.

Frustration in copious doses :/


“Oversized” is the word of the day — er, year?– because it seems that being draped in extra large apparel can be oddly and unexpectedly flattering. But when I say “oversized” I don’t mean a literal three-sizes-too-big garment; the cut and shape of these particular articles are deliberately formed in such a way that the silhouette exaggerates certain forms and angles. Not to mention, when you add in the cooler weather, oversized equates to COMFORTABLE, and isn’t that what we all want?

blanket scarf as cape

worn as a wrap / unfancy

I’ve seen these ‘blanket’ scarves pop up all over the place — from Urban Outfitters to Zara, it appears that even the traditional scarf has become oversized. No longer simply skinny in width and long enough to strangle, and found in more textures and thicknesses to capture the coziness of a true ‘blanket,’ these scarves can be easily manipulated and worn in a myriad of ways.

On days when its just not feasible to pile on the layers — especially if you end up peeling them off/putting them back on at various points during the day — the scarf comes in handy with providing additional warmth without the bulk. However, with the average scarf, one can wrap it around the neck and call it a day. But as for coverage? Not so much. The ‘banket’ scarf, on the contrary, provides more coverage as well as versatility.

mk and a scarves www

the original mavens of oversized goodness / whowhatwear

Since the shape of the ‘blanket’ scarf is more square than rectangle, the larger size allows for the scarf to become a wrap (a la the Olsens), a poncho, or even a jacket-esque layer. And if all else fails, it’s still easy enough to manipulate and wrap around your neck and go.

free people scarf

easy going even when searching for keys / freepeople

Here, the scarf is folded length-wise and draped across the shoulders, then secured with a thin belt, giving the piece new functionality.

coat scarf the cut 2

belted and tucked / camila l

The corners tied together turn this piece of fabric into an ‘infinite’ loop, to be wrapped around the neck and fitted over the shoulders, resembling a shrug. The scarf’s double-duty here provides a buffer between the elements and the open neck area, as well as accenting the trench jacket worn below.

wrap around scarf the cut 1

knotted around the shoulders / chictopia

And, of course, we have the usual — amped up by the extra volume of a blanket scarf, the fabric forms a cocoon-like funnel around the neck and throat to effortlessly look both casual and deliberate.

mango scarf 1

the fabric funnel / mango

While all of this is well and GREAT, I’m having trouble swallowing the price tag for a majority of these scarves. I get it, these scarves are LARGER = more fabric = its made of gold = pay the price of gold?! I mean, for $45 I would expect that piece of fabric to fold itself. AND cook me dinner.

…that’s where one magical trip to Joann’s and some fancy scissor-work comes in.

The project from The DIY Files tomorrow!

– Nita


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