[inspiration alley] the capes of wrath.

First day of the NEW YEAR… first PROJECT of 2015?

Since we (in Houston and many parts of the world) are still in the midst of winter and/or a general freezing of temperatures, what better project to start with than a winter necessity? Is it a jacket, a coat, or something to hide your secrets? Especially since I’ve received about 300 emails screaming “SALE SALE SALE” and the last thing I need is another ding to my bank account, I’d much rather start off the year making something rather than just buying it.

Also, who wouldn’t want to dress like a superhero-detective crossover in their regular life?

Fullscreen capture 112015 22706 PM.bmp

sophie cape / nastygal

Varying in lengths from waist-length all the way down to the knee, capes have slowly integrated themselves into winter wear of the highly snapped and famous. Whether the textile is a wool, heavy knit, or Hepburn-esque tweed, the cape is both ladylike AND badass. Case in point would be the former editor of Harper’s Bazaar Russia Miroslava Duma, who brings elegance as well as flair to her cape-wearing ways.

collage Miroslava cape

duma in whowhatwear / instyle uk

Capes for the fashionable set is nothing new, as we see mention of the garment dated as early as the 1920s when they were worn over long opera dresses for an night out. Initially the modern century saw these pieces as a final touch on an evening look, and evolving into a piece of function as well. The 40’s and 50’s brought about capes paired with gloves and/or hat, and the ladies of these mid-century decades enhanced the prim-and-proper look with a dash of majesty. The demure appearance translated well for women of stature, their appearance already conveying they were much more worldly than one would presume.

collage vintage capes

dior 1953 / mccall patterns / wool wrap 1956

Bringing the cape into the modern day, we’ve seen a more classic and vintage-inspired take on the piece — inclusive of the sunglasses and gloves. But for someone who verges (ok, RUNS) far away from the pearls-and-lbd look, I’ll have to incorporate some of my own aesthetic to create a cape with more witchy-ness.

olivia pope 1

modern gladiator, olivia pope / popsugar

olivia pope 2

more of olivia’s signature style + stance / popsugar

victoria beckham cape

a less-covered approach via victoria beckham / tumblr

Fullscreen capture 112015 70723 PM.bmp

cape in flight / morbidfashion tumblr

Alright, that’s enough of the eye candy. Be back with the details!



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