[inspiration alley] managing organized chaos of… the jewelry i hoard.

…back to business! Or something like that. The last six weeks have been spent working on a varying projects — the new line of vintage plugs and gauges for the shop, designing and researching for a custom line of wedding jewelry for a client, and completing bridesmaid duties for a friend’s wedding. A pile of projects have instead shown up and taken a temporary backseat, so its about damn time.

Rather than waiting for Spring to show up — it’s Houston, there is no such thing — I began attacking the aftermath of the holidays + the wedding in the area formerly known as ‘where I slumber.’ In the midst of cleaning out my closet/shelves/various amalgam of boxes stuffed away into nooks, I found myself attempting to organize, separating items into keep/donate/trash piles. Yeah… that didn’t go so well. Mostly because the “keep” pile kept growing and became somewhat of an entangled mess of items.

And Hoarder Culture

something like this – the clown dolls + shoes and boxes

No need to call Hoarders, just yet.

I abandoned the organization attempt, finished cleaning WHATEVER I could, and hit up Pinterest. Due to my f*ck-it-all tendencies during the week, a methodology to keep jewelry and knick-knacks somewhat untangled has become quite necessary. Small changes to de-clutter = baby steps towards something resembling a place where an adult resides.

SO, in an effort to make my room look more inhabited and less landfill-chic, I figured some touches with personality are due.

There are quite the myriad of dish-able DIYs on the interwebs, ranging from the simplified and sweet to the quirky and practical. Yes, I said it, practical. Especially for the accident-prone as myself.

(Let’s face it, in a Pinterest-ruled world, the dainty white dishes below would not crack/spill/be knocked over. However, I live in reality. These are just pretty to look at.)

heart shaped dish lovelyindeed blog

a gilded heart-shaped dish / lovelyindeed

etsy monogrammed dish

put your name on it / ohmywordesigns

urbancomfort imprint dishes

nature brought indoors / urbancomfort

abeautifulmess clay dishes

bursts of color in this faux-marble clay dish / abeautifulmess

Ah, the land of stark white. Like an untouched field with freshly lain snow, white dishes were aplenty. Everything from gold gilding to snaps of color interrupting its facade, to impressed lace and leaves upon the surface to say “I’m not just another white plate!” Again, aesthetically pleasing but not… me.

Instead, I sought out pieces which weren’t quite so obvious. From the octopus of realism to geometric blocks, from contrast color in lace impressions, to literal helping hands, I found myself going down a less ‘aesthetic’ and more ‘darkly oddball’ road.

shayne greco octopus bowl

octopus bowl / shayne greco

anthropologie octopus dish

a modern sea creature / anthropologie

Fullscreen capture 2162015 90837 PM.bmp

like a rock. / thehappytulip

vintage lace bowl

lace impression resembling henna / OldeKettleLane

skull dish urbanoutfitters

iron skull, so hard-headed / urbanoutfitters

black deer and dish lulus

oh deer, a dish of trinkets / lulus blog

silver jewelry dish etsy

silver filigree tray / pinkchicboutique

hands holding pot

on the creepier side / artsonia art museum

 My issue is that my current jewelry space is a single drawer in my IKEA ‘dresser’ with little height and multiple random containers which are enabling disorder rather than preventing it. While having a simple curved dish would suffice on the surface of said dresser, I think I need to create a dish/holder/hook apparatus in order to better manage the mischief of my jewelry.

 I’ve got clay + lace + a few ideas… we’ll see what happens.

 – Nita


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