Qui est elle? [Who is she?]

Oh, hello there. I guess I’ll begin my story here.

“Quasi on Stilts” was derived from the idea of being an outsider, not just in thought and behavior but also in the most obvious of appearances. I’ve always been the “Quasimodo” wherever I have been, hunched over at my own bell tower of sorts, watching the world quietly pass by.

I’m hoping this little site-that-could can be the place where ramblings such as this can be fleshed out beyond just rattling around my head. I also want to show that any young woman can, with a bit of patience, can look modern on a budget. I’m not talking solely Goodwill-ing your wardrobe or going for ‘Pucci instead of Gucci.’ I have an affinity for baking, particularly at 3am whilst reading for class or making jump rings or perusing Hulu. Bribery via pictures and/or recipes may end up here as well.

From time to time, I will include inspiration/random imagery/mood boards for pieces in my jewelry and design shop, find.your.uncommon. Yes, there’s been a bit of a makeover — it happens– and while I’m trying to find my footing in creating/marketing/selling my wares, I’ll be using this space to give behind-the-scenes peeks and tidbits into the making of a business. A “successful” business? I don’t know yet.

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What’s funny is the recent turn of social media and technology to convince their audience to ‘celebrate’ what makes them unique… and then proceeds to stuff the individual into their own designated boxes. That’s not what my shop is for; if anything, each item is meant to let your self strut into a room, insecurities be damned. The necklace or bracelet you wear today doesn’t define you, but enables you to define  yourself.

It’s not for any one particular type of customer — why pick and choose who would be able to wear what I create? Because my own style varies from day-to-day, the jewelry and accessories cover a myriad of genres. The amount of time put into designing pieces, the trial-and-error entailed in each piece or collection, then putting those pieces of myself out into the internet takes a lot out of me. But I love creating too much to stop.

– Nita


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