f|y|u designs

sneak peeks, inspiration boards, and a look into the wizardry behind the jewelry and accessories of m!spunktuation.

Well, not quite.

I’ve re-vamped (or vamped?) my shop because I felt the name was not quite able to communicate the message of my brand. Yes, I design pieces which are a left-field vision of something ordinary; yes, I create wearables you won’t find anywhere else.

But… I felt my message needed to be less about ‘me’ and more about ‘us.’ Specifically, the designs and jewelry I create are for those seeking something different. Something they want, not something they’re forced to accept.

I give you find.your.uncommon. | fyu designs.

Unlike 2013, where I attempted to structure my pieces to launch with seasons and such, I have both less time and more goals this time around. I don’t want to launch pieces without any structure, so they will be split into specialized collections from time to time.


left behind | bits and pieces of other works

mid-2014 | the end of sumer


summer 2013 | something borrowed. something blue.

spring 2013 | body/blood collection

fall 2013 | made of stone origin story

the good ship workshop: a first look

I also make custom jewelry pieces for brides and their bridesmaids, birthdays, anniversaries, and for any other occasion! Just fill out the form below and we can talk!

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